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More traffic, more leads, predictable conversions, and long-term customers.


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Simplistic design with intuitive design. Optimized for all platforms, including desktop, tablet, and mobile. Easy to use navigation and organizational structure with locally defined elements.

Local Facebook and Google marketing for customer acquisition, business growth, brand development, and increased web traffic.

Strategic organic and paid traffic growth. ON-page SEO for increased local traffic. Backend and SEM for website ranking and visibility on Google. 

Here at Increased Connections, we partner with business owners to create digital strategies for local growth. We keep our approach simple and focus on the tasks that generate results!

More traffic, more leads, predictable conversions, and long-term customers.

Whether it be social media management, social content creation, social posting, social media asset optimization, to local digital marketing (Facebook Ads, Google Ads), we are a full-service agency.
We consult on website optimization, offering recommendations for better on-page SEO in local search, or we provide a full website redesign with on-page SEO and backend SEO for local search rankings.



What is your business, and how does it benefit the local area? Is the business differentiating its brand in the local community as an optimal asset based on trust, communication, and quality work?



Is the companies website user friendly and helpful to local search? Is the website structured for easy navigation? Is the website informational and relevant to the current industry? Does the website answer common consumer questions?



Does the website have the proper SEO to rank organically in the local area? Is the company optimized to show up in local map search? Is the content on the website structured to benefit SEO efforts?



Is the business implementing Facebook Ads & Google SEM with competitive analysis in mind? Is the business constantly watching and adapting campaigns to highlight competitor data? Success leaves clues.



Is the business optimizing digital campaigns for traffic & leads? Is the website built with local authority to consistently capture leads? Are the leads being followed up with and screened to optimize appointments and sales? 



Is the business optimizing traffic data for more cost-effective conversions? Is the company utilizing A.I. to grow its customer acquisition on autopilot? Is the local business watching their competitor's data and campaigns to better strategize plans going forward? 



Is the business implementing strategies to reward loyal customers? How is the company growing its reputation management efforts? Is the business actively responding on social platforms to customers? Does the business have an automated relationship management system for local walk-in traffic encouragement?



What is the companies long term customer optimization plan? Is the company building an automated referral program? Is customer experience on the list of high priorities for service? Is the company able to adapt and pivot to better serve its community when outside factors force the business to operate differently?

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Our ultimate goal is to increase a business’s marketing efforts and position them for long-term gain in their digital marketing. 


We create digital strategies for business owners looking for innovative ideas and collaboration to leverage their digital assets to grow their businesses.


We consult owners in understanding the many facets of local digital marketing so they can be well equipped to generate more traffic, more leads, predictable conversions, and long-term customers.

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