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Jake Rutledge

Digital Business Consultant

With ten years of freelance business development, sales, and marketing strategy, expertise. I know how to get the job done right and efficiently.


I got tired of seeing local businesses getting screwed over because of what they don't know in this constantly changing digital space.


I set out to change that and provide a standard of transparency, so business owners are educated, and they can see the results tangibly.


More traffic, more leads, predictable conversions, and long-term customers.


Increased Connections is a B.S. Free Zone!

Growing a local business and becoming established in the local community has become more of a challenge than it once was. There are numerous facets of what needs to get done to gain any market share within your community.

Whether you are a traditional brick and mortar business with goods and service offerings to local cites or a service-based business, you need your business to become known locally.

Becoming known is one of the most significant steps in developing your business as a brand that cares for its customers and has their back for years to come. Local business brand development is key to customer acquisition. Having great branding allows local consumers to differentiate your business and how it can benefit their lives.

With that in mind, it's not as straightforward as it may seem, given our technological advancements in digital marketing on platforms such as Facebook or Google.

Even web design optimization to on-page SEO vs. backend SEO (yes, there is a difference) continuously changes, to social media management, and so much more. All to drive digital traffic, walk-in traffic, and getting the phone to ring.

For an already overworked business owner, there isn't enough time in the day to go through the required training to understand how social media works and be prepared for when it changes and the rules you thought you knew don't apply anymore.

The digital marketing space is continuously growing, evolving, automating, and becoming harder to quantify into a framework that business owners can call "simple." New tools are arriving, and methods become obsolete, what worked last month may not prove profitable this month. Sometimes it's an endless headache of mass data that we don't get. You then ask the experts, or the gurus, or whatever they go by, and you're left even more confused.

It blows my mind, and I can say confidently, the whole process is straightforward once you understand the entire picture. I'm tired of seeing small business owners getting screwed over because of what they don't know when they have a million other things that need their attention.

We are here to show you the process – No B.S.

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